I´m ready for the summer with my new Glow Self Tanning Towelettes

The summer is almost here and we have to look sexy. Well, I found this amazing secret to glow in just seconds. If you have a date, a party, a photoshoot, or you want to look beautiful every day without the risk to take sun this product is the indicate. This Glow Self Tanning Towelettes of Thermalabs are so easy to use. I´m so in love with the results, I have fair skin and the tan color is gorgeous. Not more orange weird colors for my skin. I only use two towelettes for all my body. The tan is not extreme, don´t be afraid.  The box comes with 20 natural tan single use towelettes (7.5x7.5 inch each 0.25 fl oz - total 5 fl oz). Not tested on animals.
  • For deeper tan, apply another towelette after 4 hours.
  • Repeat daily until you like the results, then apply 1-2 times a week
This presentation is great if you are going to travel. I´m more into sprays and creams but these towelettes really work. I love them!

Preparation and Application

Before you use the towelette, put on a pair of plastic rubber gloves. This will keep your hands from getting any stains from the product. Carefully open the self-tanning towelette packet and pull out the towel and Then unfold it without tearing it. When Applying the towelette, make sure That every inch of the body part you want is tanned evenly coated. Refrain from Applying Applying too much pressure or too much as on the knees, ankles, and the elbows since the skin on Those areas are thicker and absorb more of the product. With este mind, try Applying a light touch on Those areas and Then remove one glove at a time in case you need to apply the product using another hand.

Photo of Thermalabs
Before and After

Wear a pair of latex or plastic gloves before you open the sealed foil package and Carefully unfold the towellette. Apply the towellette all over your body as much as you need.
Refrain from Applying too much That Easily wipes on dry areas: such as the ankles, knees and elbows Because areas in Original Tend to absorb more of the content formulated as Compared to the other portions of the body. Refrain from touching your eyes while you are Applying the wipes.
Once you are finished Applying the wipes on your body, give yourself 10 minutes before removing them and getting dressed. Make sure that you 'wash your hands thoroughly after Applying.
Thermalabs highly Recommends that you 'take a shower and exfoliate well before using the product. This Keeps your skin from Developing uneven color, after you apply the wipes.
Do not shave or remove body hair 24 hours before you apply the wipes and if you want a deeper so you can apply another towelette after 4 hours. Esta Repeat process on a daily basis Until you are satisfied Already With The results and Then apply it 1-2 times a week.
Note That the results are dependent on naturally Also your skin color, and the best way to get natural tanned complexion is to move from one shade darker your complexion naturally

Stay beautiful and tan!
Onena Carpente
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