Bottle Blender : Nutra Edge

I bought this black bottle blender. I use these bottles every day not only to prepare my protein shakes but also to make my coffee, chocolate and tea. I just put the powder and the liquid and shake it. I highly recommend you to get the bottle with 20.5 oz because is very convenient. Even if you are drinking lemonade juice this shaker keep all the drink on point. The black color is basic plus is unisex. This bottle is made with good quality. 

With blender ball, perfect for NutraEdge premium powder and more.
Large size (20.5OZ) bottle perfect for adults and easy cleaning.
Shaker Bottle is made from Polypropylene carbonate (PPC) material with FDA certificate.
Leak proof protection: leak proof seals and secure flip-top lid for confident transport and Shake.
Non-slip part, Upgraded, Safe and eco friendly.

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Travel Toiletry Bag

 Hi! I get this travel Toiletry Bag to organize my beauty products. For me is better to keep together all the treatments in one bag. I recommend you to divide morning and night treatments in separate bags. I really like this Storage Organizer because is small and very compact. It is good for a travel on a weekend. I definitely have a lot products so they don't fit in just this bag. But is a good option to stay organized. The only cons that I found is that the hanger is made with plastic and my products are heavy so I don't know how many time is going to last. Other than that I'm very happy with my purchase. I picked black color because I plan to use it every day. The material is waterproof. 

It comes with: 1 main storage room, 2 side pouch with dual zipper closure, 1 external pocket on side pouch, and multiple mesh pockets in different sizes in the bag.

You can get it here

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EatSmart food thermometer + Giveaway

Tomorrow is 4th July and we have to be prepared to make a delicious barbecue at home for our friends and family. I got the EatSmart precision elite food thermometer to make well done meet without burning it . This thermometer has a temperature range from -40F to 572F. This is a must to have in the kitchen. 

How to use
Simply flip open the stainless-steel probe and the bright blue backlight will illuminate, making it easy to read in any light. Insert the tip of the thermometer into the food and the unit delivers readings in 7 seconds or less to a resolution of +- 0.1F. The 4-inch FDA approved foldable probe has a 1.5 mm step-down tip, allowing for smaller punctures to keep meats moist and delicious. It comes with a high-quality, anti-microbial nylon carrying case to keep the thermometer safe when not in use.

EatSmart InstaRead Technology: Measurements in 7 Seconds or Less
Temperature Range: -40F - 572F
Measurement Modes: Celsius or Fahrenheit with a resolution of 0.1 degree F
Easy to read large 1.5" LCD display with blue backlight
4" probe with 1.5mm step down and splash-proof design
Hold Feature: Lock in temperature for safe reading
Includes high quality anti-microbial nylon storage case
FDA and NSF Certified
Includes 2 AAA batteries with your purchase
 You can get it here www.eatsmartproducts.com

To enter in the giveaway share the post of @onenac Facebook Page with this article. Good luck!

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The Diet and Cookbook of IBS Elimination by Patsy Catsos, MS, RD, LD

The Diet and Cookbook of IBS Elimination by Patsy Catsos, MS, RD, LD

Hello everyone! This time I picked this cookbook because it comes with a lot of healthy recipes and recommendations if you cannot eat gluten and carbohydrates. It is good to learn a little bit about the components of each food. 

More information about the book

From the leading expert on FODMAPs and IBS, this is the complete guide and cookbook to overcome IBS by uncovering your dietary triggers and building a personalized, doable and satisfying diet around nutritious and delicious foods that allow you to finally feel better.

Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD, pioneered the use of the low-FODMAP diet to find their unique FODMAP fingerprint when self-published IBS - Free at Last!, Ushering in a new era of IBS treatment through Diet instead of medication. Written for use at home, his book was quickly established among physicians and other specialists as an invaluable tool for anyone suffering from IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, SIBO and gluten sensitivity.

This new definitive edition offers the theory along with a program that guides you through eliminating FODMAPs (difficult to digest carbohydrates found in a variety of healthy foods) and adding them back one by one - the most usable and complete program available . And its 56 delicious recipes, 24 full-color photos and complete guides for high and low foods in FODMAP make this the FODMAP lifestyle bible. Here is your plan to eat well while finally feeling good.

Note: This is the updated and expanded edition of IBS-Free At Last, including its 8-step program.

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Anchor Bracelet Campaign

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Nothing can call to mind images of the ocean and its immense, watery depths quite like an anchor can.
The greatest symbol of stability and security, the anchor charm found in the center of the men's Anchor Bracelet incorporates handsome nautical style into your everyday look.
Measuring 21 centimeters in length, both the braided and the smooth, durable black leather cords of this bracelet offset the silver tone of the metal anchor for a bold contrast of color and material.
This vintage bracelet secures around the wrist comfortably using a bronze alloy buckle to finish off the look.
You can get it here https://vogue.jewelry/products/anchor-bracelet

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Book: The New Rules of Work

The new rules of work

The Modern Playbook for navigating your career 

This is a very interesting book. It helps to understand the new rules and opportunities to find a job. Kathryn Minshew and Alexandra Cauvoulacos, founders of the website TheMuse.com created this book. The books is divided in three parts what do I actually want?, making your move and charting your course through the modern workplace. The books has 319 pages of content. I highly recommend you to check it out!

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Hair dance healthy hair

Hello everyone! A lot of you require to me a review about a good brand to grow the hair. I got the hair dance healthy hair and scalp treatment system. It is made with botanical based formulas no harsh or harmful chemicals.

Hair dance is formulated to treat thin and fragile hair; itchy, dry, sensitive scalp; oily roots but dry and brittle ends and receding and thinning hair.

I really like this brand and you can see the results in a couple of weeks. They only use natural ingredients. The shampoo is ph. balanced very gentle to use every day if you need it.

In the kit you will get the: Nature's Treatment Shampoo, Hair and Root Stimulator, Dry Shampoo, Rejuvenating Hair Oil and Silk Pillowcase.

This botanical based hair treatment system is professionally formulated using only the highest quality of natural ingredients.
Nature’s Treatment Shampoo is pH-balanced and gentle to the hair and scalp.  It is formulated to stimulate follicles for healthier hair.
Hair and Scalp Stimulator is an evidence-based formula based on the latest research to energize hair follicle growth by increasing the blood flow in the scalp.
The Dry Shampoo allows you to extend the time between wet-shampooing that strips the hair of its natural oils.
Rejuvenating Hair Oil uses a unique almond oil blend to nourish and condition the hair.
The Silk Pillowcase is a little know secret to maintaining soft and healthy hair.
You can get it here
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The Acid Watcher Diet

Hello everyone! I want to share with you this book The Acid Watcher Diet by Jonathan Aviv, MD, FACS. He also is a clinical professor of Otolaryngology at Icahn School of Medicine, New York. This book come with a 28 day reflux prevention and healing program. It is a very nice book that not only help you to control the acid reflux disease, it has a lot information about inflammation through the body. So if you eat certain food and then you feel big and your stomach is huge maybe this book is great for you. Is good to know what we eat and which foods are great for our body. I got this book to add healthy food to my diet and learn more about weight loss and how to maintain a healthy balance between macronutrients and micronutrients. 
Have a nice day

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Mother's day gift idea

Hello everyone! Mother's day is around the corner and I want to share with you this beautiful gift idea : Amore Napkin Ring. It comes with 6 silver napkin rings. They are handmade in India. They are made of good quality. The composition is J-4 Grade Stainless Steel with A Mpa Of 300. You can prepare a surprise for your mom with a dinner, breakfast in bed with the heart napkin rings or giving the box with flowers and chocolates.

Amore (Love) collection is a tribute to the Italian community in India. Crafted from smooth stainless steel. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Care Instructions
Hand wash with a gentle detergent that does not contain lemon or acidic agents. Dry with a soft cloth immediately to avoid water marks. Do not use any steel wool or harsh cleansers as it can scratch the product. Dishwasher Safe: Not Applicable.

Dimensions in cm (LxWxH): 22x9x7
Dimensions in in (LxWxH): 8.7x3.5x2.8
Weight: 330(gm) or 0.7(lbs) or 11.6(oz)

You can get them here

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Fennel and Fork has released a special collection of products plus a Giveaway! April 8th – May 6th. Prices: 4 products from Fennel and Fork (1 each week) + $100 VISA gift card on the final day

Mother's Day Special OfferYou choose a product from Mother's Day Collection : They gift wrap it for you and they are going to attach a Mother's Day card (handwritten) + free shipping to make sure it arrives for Mother's Day

You can enter here. Good luck!
Fennel and Fork Mother's Day Giveaway

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Skemei women watch

Women's Analog Quartz with white dial 
Accurate time keeping and key scratch resistant watch face. Imported citizen  Quartz Movement provides precise and accurate time keeping. No key scratches with the high hardness mineral glass watch face.
Special and simple design of dial and watch hands. Slim, simple and shining 
30M water resistance for daily use: 98 FT water resistance (30 M) - 3ATM. Perfect for all kind of business, casual, indoor activities and daily use.
You can get it here

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