Renew Contoured & Comfortable Black Sleep Mask

Hello! Sleep 8 hours per night is the most healthy beauty treatment that you can have with no cost. Our body need to rest and renew every night. I always use a sleep mask to sleep. No matter if is day, night, or the light is on.

With the mask you are going to sleep very deep like a baby. I can notice the difference in the mornings. I fell more relax and full or energy. I tried to get completely black design. I got this Renew Contoured & Comfortable Black Sleep Mask by Renew.

It is soft and very comfortable.  It comes with Velcro so it fits any size. It comes with an extra gift the earplugs. I actually I don't like to wear them but if you cannot sleep with noise this is good product.

If you are going to travel or you have kids around the home this can be a lifesave for you. I highly recommend you to get this mask because it also comes with the bag to keep it clean and ready to go.

About the product
1 mask with earplugs and travel case
Deep eye pockets for comfort
Perfect for travel or neat keeping
Adjustable velcro strap on mask to fit you perfectly

You can get it here
Onena Carpente
Good night!

Tassel Drawstring PU Leather Bucket Shoulder Bag

I was looking for a small bag to carry just my phone, keys, lipstick and wallet. I found this design very small and lightweight. The brand name is Bine. This style is the top ten now in fashion. Actually you can ride your bicycle with no problem.

The material is Quality Soft PU Leather. It is casual and chic. It can fit just your essentials. It is the ideal bag to go shopping to the mall, go to the zoo or go to a dinner. It is the perfect bag for traveling, concerts and parties to get your hands free.

It comes only in brown color. The size is 7.8"(L)*7.4"(H)*4.3"(D). It comes with a magnet to close the purse. I really like the design because you can change the style as a cross body bag, shoulder bag or even a hand bag.

The straps are removable very convenient. Also they come with an adapter so you can decide the long of your straps anytime. All the details are golden. It is very cute. I highly recommend you to get it because is perfect for everyday. 

You can get it here

Onena Carpente

HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron

I'm very impress with the quality of this HSI Glider Ceramic Flat Iron. I like the waves in my hair. It is fast and easy to create the beach look with his flat iron. It heat up in few seconds. It  maintain even temperature. If you have coarse hair this product is going to work for you. It helps to maintain shiny and frizz-free hair all day long.

You can use the ceramic iron to straightening and curl your hair. It is easy to hold because of its ergonomic design. It comes with the protective gloves to prevent burn and the bag to carry on. I really need this because I travel a lot so for me this kit is wonderful. 

This box also come with a free sample of HSI Professional Argan oil smoothing conditioner (single use). Leave in hair treatment. It is made with sulfate free; vitamins A,B,C, and D. Made in USA. I applied to my wet hair and then I rinse with cool water. If you leave in Florida this is a must have beauty treatment. 

And the another sample was the HSI Professional Argan oil hair spray. It is good for natural hair and extensions. I use it before using the flat iron to protect my ends. You can apply to wet or dry hair. I prefer to apply it with my wet hair. I like the scent. 

They have several ceramic flat iron to pick from. I like the black design. The details come in golden. Very classic and simple. It comes with an adjustable temperature from 240F to 400F (120C - 200C) to suit all hair types. It comes with instructions. 

You can get it here and here

Onena Carpente


Bungee Cord

I was looking for a good quality Bungee cord because we are planning a family trip to Orlando soon. I want to put the baggage on the roof of the car. This cord is made with good quality and the hooks are very strong. I just don't want an accident in the middle of the highway. It is perfect for my car. 

Now I can go to the beach, camping and traveling with no stress. Plus I have more space for my family inside. You can add an extra security on the top to keep the things secure. I already try it and the things didn't move at all. I highly recommend you to get it. 

I'm going to use this cord inside my Jeep in the back to keep the things safe. If you have a big dog this cord must to work perfectly. Actually when you move you need this kind of products. You can buy big products at the stores and put them on the roof.

 t is a good idea to keep one in your car in case that you need it. The company name is EZYKOO. The size is 47" x 36". It comes with 12 hooks and the cord is elastic. 

Information about the product
UNIVERSAL MESH CARGO NET: 47" x 36" cargo net with strong stretches to approx 70" x 52" perfect for superb securing items in UTVs, Cars, SUVs, and Boats.
DURABLE NET: Tight 3.9" X 3.9" grid pattern keeps even smaller-sized items secure during travel, and it is made of high-quality thick 4mm bungee material rubber cord, so it is very tough, durable.
ELASTIC ROOF RACK NET: Strong scalability makes it overcome the sagging problem without scalability.
12 HOOKS:Pack of 12 Durable ABS plastic adjustable hooks for maximum versatility to fit existing car and luggage rack attachment points.
EASY TO INSTALL:This cargo net features sub-hooks for quick tightening adjustments, great for managing and organizing loose, bulky or awkwardly shaped cargo.

You can get it here

Onena Carpente

Mogingo Lunch Kit

Hi! I was looking for a lunch kit and these product are made of good quality. I got the Stackable Spillproof Bento/Lunch Box Sleek. It comes with Fork, Knife and Spoon. The case have 2 food containers and one pink movable divider as you can see in the photo. It is very convenient to eat. I put my protein in one side, rice, vegetables and salad. It has a lot space and the design is very pretty. It comes with a elastic band to keep the case close. I use this lunch box everyday since one week.

Information about the product
EASY MEAL PREP: Here you have the organized space so you can put together a nutritious meal in minutes for you to take along. 2 stackable spillproof boxes held in place with a firm elastic strap.
EVEN MORE SPACE: uniquely designed movable divider included to add customizing option so you can have the much wanted space for everything you need.
EASY MAINTENANCE: rounded edges making it a breeze to wash out without leaving any residue.
FRESHNESS GAURANTEED: The way you prepare your meal is the way you will find it at lunchtime! This spill proof snug-fit lid will keep the freshness and crisp in and everything else out.
All-IN-ONE: Fork knife and spoon already included for your convenience.

You can get it here

The Mogingo Insulated Zippered Tote is made with Neoprene. The colors are stunning and the material keep my food fresh. The bag is big so you can place more food inside. I always carry some snacks, water, juice, napkins and healthy food. Is easy too clean and dries fast. I absolutely recommend you to get these products. They have several colors to pick from. This is my new lunch bag and I'm very happy.

More information about the tote
FUNCTIONALITY: The insulation will keep your food cool 'n fresh for 4-5 hours until you are ready to enjoy your meal.
DESIGN: Dual handle options. Carry it either over your shoulders or in your hand, according to your preference.
PRACTICALITY: Fits the Mogingo Bento/Lunch Box perfectly to create the ultimate lunch carrying solution
CLASS: Classy sleek design to accommodate the need of the college students, professionals, business people to transport the healthy meals from home
QUALITY: Made of high quality Neoprene non-toxic, pvc free, eco friendly, and phthalate-free materials. to keep you meal cool and fresh for many hours.

You can get it here
Onena Carpente

Cat iPhone case

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Hello everyone I just want to share this cute cat case for the iPhone. It looks pretty adorable on the phone. I just use it like decoration is soft and I don't think that is going to protect the phone for a fall.
I'm not very happy with the quality of the materials.

The cat is not well glued and the painting is coming out. I wish they can improve the quality because I like the design.  You can read the negative reviews online. My case arrived smashed in the middle completely. In one day is dirty so you must the follow the instructions below to keep it clean. 

The cat is very soft you can squeeze it. Check the video on my Instagram. It fits perfect on the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7Plus. I have an iPhone 6s so they send to me a wrong product. But I give t to my friend and it fits good. 

EASY CLEANING: If the little toy gets dirty, give it a gentle wash or use Moisturizing Milk or Alcohol to wipe off the stains. Also, you can use baby powder if it gets sticky

You can get it here

Onena Carpente


Fairyland Beauty Sponge Blender Set

I'm very happy with these set of makeup sponges and clear silicone makeup blender that I got. I received the package wrapped like a gift . It comes with a nice case perfect for travel and the best part is that each design came with their protecting case.  The egg sponge looks very cute with the little legs. They are made with good quality.

I applied my foundation, concealer, powder, blush and highlighter with the pink sponge. I use the silicone sponge to apply foundation only. Both blend very well. You can do the makeup fast in the mornings with a professional result. I highly recommend yo to add these beauty products to your makeup routine. I just add water and then I dried the sponge with a clean towel to remove excess. I clean both sponges with natural soap. This is the best set that I saw online.

More information about the set

2 Silicone makeup blender and 3 Makeup sponge blender perfect. The silicone blender is perfect for foundations,concealers and other liquid/cream products. Sponge blender in dry condition applied to blusher, powder and eye shadow. In wet condition applied to BB cream, CC and etc, first immersed in water, then ensure it under the 90% dry state, applying make-up easier and faster and resulting in waste.

The makeup blender is made of high-tech medical silicone. Safe and non-toxic. It is also absolutely not absorb any cosmetics. Only need a small amount of cosmetics can achieve a natural flawless effect,you can save 50% expensive makeup. Besides, easy to clean is another advantage. NOTE:Please don't tear off the protective film on the surface of the silicone makeup blender

Non-Latex,Not Faded, Non-Allergenic and Odor Free are our beauty sponge blender biggest advantages, smooth and soft, skin-friendly and no losses practice, individual package. High-density, smooth and soft touch made make-up more easily. It can expand and will return after drying naturally. But after the first washing and drying, it will be a little bigger and softer than first received

Sponge Puff under dry or wet condition ,whether the beauty sponge under wet or dry condition, it can be stored in silicone holder. The circular box used placing Silicone Puff, keep it clean, and easy to carry. All products are placed in a plastic makeup box, convenient for storage, don't worry they're running around.

You can get it here

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Face brush cleanser

Hi! I want the share with you my impressions about this product. I was very excited to try it. When I received it I notice that to change the brushes you must to disconnect it from the base and is very probable that get a lo germs and bacteria in the brush. Second cons is that the brush work with regular batteries. Not included. If I calculate that I'm going to use the product twice a day per month how many batteries I'm going to need. No way! I'm not agree to use this product under the shower for all the reasons that I explain. The only positive about it is that the design of the brush is good and soft for the skin. This product is not working for me.

More information about the product

Discover a flawless appearance as blood circulation is improved and signs of aging are diminished.
This sonic cleansing system uses sonic pulses to reach deep into your pores and exfoliate dead skin cells and excess oil.
The touch points of this deep cleansing solution transmit a gentle massaging pulse that helps to exfoliate without irritating or damaging skin.
Cleansing and opening your pores makes your anti-aging skin care routine doubly effective as it allows the moisturizers and serums to sink in deeper into your skin. 

You can get it here

Onena Carpente

Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker

This Tracker is good to set goals and get a healthy lifestyle. It comes with a pedometer, sleep monitor,  alerts, 2 bands and calorie counter. I like the bright purple color of my band. I got also black perfect for everyday.

I tracked my sleep for about a week. It was very easy to find and download the application in my iPhone. I like to know how many calories do I burn during the day. Actually I born around 1859 calories without doing exercises. The pedometer is going to help you to archive goals. The reminder is good to turn on if you work all day in front a computer. The notifications arrive on time in my watch. I highly recommend you to get a fitness tracker. Also is a great idea if you never hear the calls because your phone is in the purse. Don't worry you are going to receive the call notifications with no problem.

The application is VeryFit 2.0 you can get it here
The Fitness Tracker features sleek beautiful design in 0.86 inch OLED HD display and soft flexible band that is adjustable to fit kids and adults wrist size.

Features powerful functions that can be automatically synchronized via Bluetooth with free accompanying phone/tablet application. These included: Sleep, Distance, Calorie Counter Armband, Calories Burned Monitor, Pedometer, Exercise, Sedentary Reminder, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) Notifications, Call Notifications, SMS Text, Digital Camera Remote Control, Stopwatch, Find Your Phone.

You can get it here

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Book : Colored Pencil Painting Portraits

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I found this wonderful book that explains step by step how to paint with colors like a real photo.  Colored Pencil Painting Portraits by Alyona Nickelsen is a master revolutionary method for rendering depth and imitating life. The book come with 184 pages. It is a great guide to learn the professional techniques and tools that you need to paint portraits.  I highly recommend you to get it!

Onena Carpente