Electric Shaver

Hi! The weather change completely and the hot is here. So we must to be ready for the dresses and shorts any time. I found that this kind of shavers are better than the regular ones. I want to try different models. This one is good because it is waterproof. 

You can use it in all your body. The razor comes with hypoallergenic blades suitable for sensitive skin. You can use it wet or dry. I prefer dry. I like the design. The shaver only comes with the brush to clean. The batteries are not include. Cons: You must to spend on batteries all the time.

Onena Carpente


Led Book light

Do you read a lot? Did you use this product before? These lights are great to protect your eyes while reading. It comes with a clip to put it everywhere in your book, bed, table, computer, etc. iLight is rechargeable and the intensity is warm with 8 leds and 5 brightness. If you turn on the both sides you can illuminate all the book, up to 2 full pages. You don't have to force your eyes to read with this system. You can use this light as a flashlight in an emergency. If you charge the light completely it can last more than 10 hours on. It comes with the USB cable to charge in the wall or computer. I prefer this kind products with no battery. Definitely a must to have to enjoy your books.
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Wireless Headphones

I found this pretty Wireless Headphones by Riwbox. They are same as my speaker with lights. It comes with 3 Led lights that follow the music. The colors ups and downs at both sides of the ear pad. They are very nice because they block the exterior sound.

They are foldable headphones so I carry them everywhere with no problem. You can adjust the size up and down. You can pick the calls, listen to the music or any audio very clear. You just have to connect the Bluetooth, their name is AB-005.

It also comes with TF card FM radio and Led light for cellphones and Bluetooth devices. It very easy to change the stations You can connect the headphones with Bluetooth or direct to the computer or device with the cable include. It also comes with the USB cable to charge it. 

You have the controls in the back of the headphones. Such as play, pause, next, previous track, and volume. The design is lightweight with up to 10 hours of music and talk time. How cool is that? 

Compatible with Bluetooth enabled music players ; A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android Smart Phones, tablets, etc.

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You can get them here


Eyeshadow Palette

Hello beauties! I wanted to try all the palettes of Miskos because the colors are very creamy and the pigmentation is gorgeous. They stay all day long without eye primer. The colors are very bright and full of energy and good vibes for this season spring-summer.

I love this palette you can get it here :

I bought before many eyeshadows online and I didn't have any problem. In this occasion the mail broke one of my palettes but I don't have any complain with the brand is just the shipping. The eyeshadows are super cute and, I already had many compliments every time I wear them.

The purple palette came with blue, green, red, fuchsia, golden, bronze, cream, browns transition and dark chocolate and coffee tones.

The turquoise palette is very neutral and perfect for a every day makeup with silver, matte cream, pink, orange, browns and dark blue with sparkles.

The good thing about this brand is that you never are going to get the same colors. I highly recommend you to buy palettes if you are beginner because in the palette you get all the colors that match together.  You can mix them or follow the line to create a beautiful makeup with degrade.

Onena Carpente

Stay Beautiful!



Sport bras

Hello my little troupials! I'm so busy these days. But I'm here with so many options to workout. I found this brand online  Braufactum of sports bras. So I decide to pick one of each design and add more styles to my collection. I'm very excited because nothing better than get new clothes to start your routine. These bras are super comfortable and they give that extra care to high impact exercises.

It is not easy to buy online but if you really know how to take your size and compare it with the size chart you are good to go! If you like this kind of bras that you put them from your head. keep reading...

Wireless Racerback Design. Wide Band, High Elastic. Extra Support. Racerback gives maximum freedom of movement

This style come in three colors: black, gay and pink. You can purchase them separately or 3 pack combo. They are made of 80% Nylon, 10% Polyester and 10% Spandex. You can use them everyday and if you wash them they dry very fast. Plus this quick drying technology helps keep you cool and dry. 

Here is the link

This second model of wirefree bralette is great to do yoga or pilates. It comes with a removable pad that shape and enhance your figure. I think that the colores are beautiful. The gtey match with any color. The details are in blue. You can pick also in black, green or orange.

It is made with 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. It comes with pull On closure. The material is fresh and help you stay cool and also helps to maintain moisture absorption and sweat releasing. Ensures wicking and Fast drying.

The third design is my favorite because the color is super bright and full of positive energy perfect for that days that you feel down and out of energy. This one is made for medium impact workouts. They have this colors available: Yellow, blue, green and pink.

They are made with Eco-friendly Fabric. The composition is 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex. It Is very important to pick a good underwear to workout. I always keep my clothes new to make sure they give me 100% protection. Actually I'm waiting for my second order with different models. I  will let you know of they are so stay tune. I only recommend good brands that makes me happy. Enjoy your days and keep going!

Onena Carpente



Floral Backpack

How cute is my new Multicolor leaves Backpack by Oflamn. I love this leaves design. It comes with:  1 main compartment that can hold up to 14-inch laptop with 2 interior zipper pockets for other items. 1 mesh pocket and 3 open pockets that can hold daily essentials such as USB, wallet, cash and coins, and stationary.

The colors are very bright and I think is the perfect backpack to start April. I use it to go beach, gym and carry my laptop to the coffee shop or library. I highly recommend you to get it. They have more designs to pick from. It comes with two external pockets great for the bottle of water or any kind of item. The main color is black and the leaves are: red, light blue, cream, green and yellow.

13” (33 cm) L x 5.3” (13.5 cm) W x 15.9” (40.5 cm) H, a 18 L 

The backpack is designed with padded back panel to support the back with comfort. A pair of fully padded shoulder straps to reduce the stress on your shoulders to maximize the overall comfort while carrying the bag.

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Packing Cubes

Hello! I got this set of 6 ultralight packing cubes for travel by Amelleon. I use them not only when I travel but als to keep my closet organized. This set comes with a travel laundry bag very convenient. Also one of the bags is a shoe bag. Not all the sets comes with this kind of options. All the bags come with different colors very easy to pick them even when you don open all your bagged in the hotel. Just picking the colors is more easy to be ready fast.

Save more space in your luggage For Your Next Trip:
- The large cube is right to perfectly pack your pants, shirts, skirts, light jackets and sweaters.
- Two middle cubes are perfect size for organizing garments like rolled up T-shirts, kid's clothes, shorts, short skirts and lightweight slacks.
- The small cube is just right for a carry on liquid set or use it to pack your toiletries, socks, sleep mask, cables, charger any little items that you want organized, but easy to find.
- The shoe bag that's ready to organize and pack your hair care accessories or other long awkward items. Designed to carry a curling iron, brush, and hairspray, you can also use it to pack surge protectors, river shoes, flip-flops, even three rolls of TP, etc.
- The laundry bag that's for store the dirty clothes, T-shirts, stockings, etc, in your travel.
- Each packing cubes in different color with mesh front cover help you identify and classify the items much easily and view what you've already packed through. Multiple colors packing cube could be used for your whole family and everyone can organize their own stuff in packing cube in different color and can be easily identify their own. you can get color-coordinated in your packing endeavors.
- 1 Ultra-large packing cube: 18.1"x13"x4.7"
- 2 Large packing cubes: 13.8"x10.6"x3.9"
- 1 Medium packing cube: 11.8"x7.9"x3.2"
- 1 shoes bag: 13"x9.1"x4.7"
- 1 laundry bag: 20.9"x15"

EASY TO USE: Each packing cube in different color with mesh front cover help you identify and classify the items much easily and view what you've already packed through.

Lightweight and durable: Made From Strong, Ultralight, Durable, and Water Resistant nylon with YKK zippers with double corded pulls.

Compress and organize your luggage: Well organized package will save 30% more space in your 

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12 color eyeshadow palette by Miskos

Hello! I bought another eyeshadow palette by Miskos. This time I pick the red tones to create a beautiful makeup look for spring. I love this set because you can mix and change the style in so many ways. The shadows are super pigmented and the colors are bright and creamy, very easy to blend. And the most important they really stay all day long. I didn't apply any primer or setting spray to my makeup.

The palette comes with 12 color eyeshadows: 4 Mattes and 8 with Shimmer. I think the combination is fantastic. This palette comes with a free double ended makeup brush great to apply the eyeshadow, concealer or and foundation. I took some selfies with my phone you can see how pretty are the colors. I highly recommend you to get this palette. It is very affordable and made with good quality. 

More information about the kit:

Highly Pigmented: These shadows are luxuriously Soft and pigmented. The smooth and blendable colors are swipe on easily or mix them for a bold, reckless pop of eye shadow color.

Long Lasting and Waterproof: Our Pink full-sized shadows are long wearing, Stay all day with vibrant looks that won’t fade throughout the day.

Nude And Shimmer Color: These 12 shades With a variety of colors from Highlight, a pumpkin spice creamy matte, to Brown, a Peacock Green with multi-color sparkle, this collection gives you all style you need.

Easy Application: Travel-Friendly-Size, Packaged in a convenient sleek and Portable lightweight  design with a magnetic lid. You can take it in the bag anywhere and use it for wedding, gift and daily Makeup.

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Nude eyeshadow palette

I found these two eyeshadow palletes online. One is a nude palette and the other one is mix matte and shimmer. The colors are beautiful and perfect for everyday. You can create a natural look and a party makeup with just one palette. I bought the professional kit C+D. Both come with 12 eyeshadows.

They are long lasting and the colors are very pigmented. I like the formula the shadows are soft and creamy. They are easy to blend. I really like the tones.

Made from the best pigments and purest mineral oil, fine for sensitive skin and for all levels of skin moisture. It had passed FDA

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Clairol Temporary Root Touch-Up Concealing Powder

Hello beauties! I received this new product of Clairol for testing. It is a concealer powder that works not just for your roots but also for the brows. You can carry it on your makeup purse and give that extra cover when you need it on the go. It blends naturally with your existing color. Just make sure to match the color of your hair. I'm using this product to define my brows. Is like a shadow. It washes out with makeup remover or face cleanser. For the hair you just have to apply shampoo. I highly recommend you to try it.

Onena Carpente

''I received this product for testing purposes"