Book : The 10 Day Belly Slimdown

Hello I want to share with you my review of this book ''The 10 Day Belly Slimdown by Kellyann Petrucci''. This time the cover of the book took my attention but I'm not agree at all with the diet. Maybe is going to work but. I will pass this time. For 10 days you must to eat bone broth in your breakfast, and cook with it all your meals. She said in the book that you cannot change the meals and you must to follow strictly all the recipes to loose weigh. Actually they said you don't have to workout to see results. 

For me is too much food in one day. I cannot eat like that. But if you want to take the risk for only 10 days is up to you. I don't like the idea to add to my protein or coffee shakes veggies. I prefer to prepare a green shake.
The book don't have photos even in the workout chapter. Plus if you want to remove the paper cover the book is a mess. I think that a professional that recommends this kind of diets to Hollywood stars can do a better job. The only photos in black and white are women before and after that looks like spam. They change the clothes, hair and body position. Take a look:

Onena Carpente

Scarf Pillow

I was looking for a neck pillow and I found this new style of Scarf Pillow by Big ant. I was curious to try it and I'm happy for take the risk. I don't know what is the reason but when you put it you feel so relaxed that yo go sleep immediately. I tested the product with my family and they feel the same way. It is very comfortable and I can say that is better option than a pillow.

This scarf keep your neck on place and really support the head when you are sitting. It fits everywhere. I definitely will purchase again. I like the grey color with details in neon. It comes with a black eye mask and earplugs. It is machine washable.

More information
✈Enjoy your cozy trip - This upgraded neck pillow is a scientifically proven neck support system, designed to prevent stiffness of neck and prevents soreness of shoulder. Make you sleep well while on your trip
✈Support your neck - Designed to keep your neck propped up, stabilized & supported your head while you sleep or snooze in your airplane seat, helps prevent soreness, stiffness, cricks and cramps
✈Easy to use - This travel pillow has a built in neck support, you just need to adjust the interior support into the comfortable place on your jaw and clavicle which will be different for everybody, and then wrap the other side around. You can adjust the the velcro to decide the tightness of your neck pillow
✈Easy to carry - You just strap it around your backpack strap or pull rod of suitcase, it will stay securely with the velcro. It's only 0.32lb Weight, neither big nor bulky and it didn't hog valuable suitcase space
Onena Carpente


Miskos 35 Colors Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Pallet

Hello beauties! I want to share with you this affordable and pretty pallet by Miskos that I bought online. I'm very exited with spring and summer this year. I'm all about bright, colorful and fun tones for this season. This Eyeshadow Pallet comes with 35 colors. The name of the palette is 35A. They also have the version in neutrals and cool colors. 

The colors are very pigmented, they last more than 6 hours. If you prefer you can apply a setting spray. It is perfect to travel because you have all the colors in one place. The palette is very lightweight.

You get in the palette all the colors you need for example: black, white, cream, brown, blue, green, purple, pink, gray and yellow. They have a little bit of shimmer. I'm not fan of matte eyeshadows. So for me they are good on that way. If you are looking for matte colors they also have that option. I'm going to try more colors and different colors palettes from this brand. I like the color selection and presentation.

Weight: 345g
Case Size: 23.7cm x 17.3cm x 1.8cm

You can get  it here


Onena Carpente


Book : Martha’s Flowers

Hello, spring is almost around the corner and this book is going to put you in that mood. I love flowers, gardening and decoration. If you enjoy to create beautiful flowers arrangements this book ''Martha's Flowers" is for you. Martha Stewart have stunning gardens and a huge variety of species. It is a practical guide to growing, gathering and enjoying.

The photos in this books are gorgeous. Just pass the pages makes you happy. She wrote many advises to start form zero and growing the plant. You are going to learn when is the perfect time and technique for the flower that you like it. The book is full of colors and beautiful flowers. I highly recommend you to get it. It comes with hard cover and 287 pages. It is very heavy. For me is the perfect coffee table book. 

The content of the book:
Signs of Spring: daffodil, tulip, rhododendron and azalea, lilac, allium, and peony.
Summer's bounty: rose, poppy, clematis, delphinium, hydragea, and lily.
Early autumn: sunflower and rudbeckia, dahlia.
Arranging flowers.

More information about the book

The essential resource from Martha Stewart, with expert advice and lessons on gardening and making the most of your spectacular blooms

Martha Stewart’s lifelong love of flowers began at a young age, as she dug in and planted alongside her father in their family garden, growing healthy, beautiful blooms, every year. The indispensable lessons she learned then–and those she has since picked up from master gardeners–form the best practices she applies to her voluminous flower gardens today. For the first time, she compiles the wisdom of a lifetime spent gardening into a practical yet inspired book. Learn how and when to plant, nurture, and at the perfect time, cut from your garden. With lush blooms in hand, discover how to build stunning arrangements. Accompanied by beautiful photographs of displays in Martha’s home, bursting with ideas, and covering every step from seed to vase, Martha’s Flowers is a must-have handbook for flower gardeners and enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Onena Carpente


Round mandala by KING DO WAY

I got this Cotton Beach Towel 59'' full of colors and with a nice message "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy". I love mandalas and this design is very cute not just to go the beach but also for the grass. You can camping any time, take the sun or do some yoga. It is very soft and fresh. I highly recommend you to get it. It is made of 100% cotton. It is very lightweight you can carry on the bag.

More information
  • This beach towel is very breathable and moisture wicking. It can speed up the spread of water,so it can dry quickly.
  • The multi color tapestry will not faded and not sticky sand, Perfect for the beach or park. And it is very lightweight, so you can take it to anywhere.
  • It can be used as Wall handing decoration beach cover, travel blanket, camping cover, beach wrap-around, bed Throw, table throw, picnic mat.sunscreen tippet and so on.
  • Hand wash separately In cold water or hang dry, do not bleach.

Onena Carpente


Purple electric toothbrush

A lovely purple electric toothbrush. It come with 3 modes clean,white and sensitive. The battery is pretty good. It last one month. To get the full charge I leave it all night in the base. It is made with good quality.

It comes with 3 replacement heads and smart timer of 2 minutes. It is waterproof. It helps to remove up to 99.99% of plaque from hard-to-reach places. I highly recommend it to try it.

Onena Carpente


Camping Sleeping Bag

If you need a very comfortable and cozy sleeping bag for camping this is the one. It is very lightweight and waterproof. I bought the grey with orange. 

It comes with pockets inside to put important things, a cord to close the bag on the head, it block cold and wind, plus it helps to maintain the temperature inside the bag. 

It also comes with a  two-way separating zip, that means you can open and close the sleeping bag both inside and outside. It is easy to get in and out and also can be used as a quilt when fully opened. It is made by OUTERDO.

Onena Carpente


Book : Review: Zen Camera

Very inspirational book if you like photography. It is a guide to the creativity to reach your own vision and expression through the photos. Even you don't have a camera you can use your phone to take any photo you like it. You can create your own journal. The book comes with 217 pages. The content is divide in lessons and important phases. The author is David Ulrich. I didn't like to the s
selection of the few photos inside but the book is good in advises.

Onena Carpente


Beach Blanket

Perfect Sand Proof Beach Blanket by Lewonde. If you are looking for a Waterproof Picnic Mat this one is xx large, 7'x9', perfect for the whole family. I'm talking about 5 adults on the blanket. I keep all my beach collection in blue. 

It comes with a couple of pockets. It is very comfortable, fresh and soft. It is perfect for any activity outdoors. It is lightweight and it comes with a bag attached.

Plus the sand will not stick on the blanket and the wind will not move it, because you can fill the pockets with sand. A must to have if you love adventures.

Onena Carpente


Mandala Tapestry

Hi! How are you today? I want to share with you my new Mandala Tapestry by HomeFairy. If you love yoga, pilates or meditate this tapestry is beautiful. I pick the blue color because is relaxing, the art comes with an ombre design. The blue are long lasting and vivid no matter how many times you wash it in the machine. It also looks pretty on the wall, bed, sofa or even in the table. It is Queen Size 80 x 60 inch. The perfect dimensions for two at the beach. 

  • Decorative wall tapestry; Cover your wall with this colorful piece of art which will look beautiful both in a horizontal and in a vertical position
  • Use it all around the house; Hang it over walls in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom; Men and women will love it just the same
  • Multipurpose Boho cover; Not just for walls, you can use this as a blanket, beach throw, room divider and it's even big enough to be used as bedding
  • Traditional backdrop for spiritual healing; Get in the mood to open your chakras when practicing yoga on top or in front of this abstract geometric tapestry
  • Dorm room decoration; This tall abstract wall hanging or curtain is a perfect gift for a girl leaving for college

Though a Mandala is a spiritual symbol of the eastern religions especially Tibetan Buddhism with very specific imagery used to represent the three realms of the universe, in its generic form, any round medallion design is now referred to as a mandala. The listed product is a large wall cover or bedcover with a round medallion design surrounded by floral prints. The Mandala motif is a typically Indian design of a large flower with several layers of petals spreading out from the center towards the edge. The psychedelic color scheme is very attractive and sure to brighten up any room it is used in.

Large Polyester Wall Hanging

The spread is made of very fine polyester. Unlike the other cheaper cotton spreads which feel coarse and thick, the feel of our wall cover is luxuriously smooth and silky. While the cotton spreads cannot be washed in the washing machines as their colors bleed and the cloths can get damaged, our beautiful spread can be machine washed without fear of fading or the color bleeding. Superior quality dyes and printing techniques ensure that this product will continue to look just as good years later.

Boho Style Hippie Throw

The wall hanging has a very bohemian look and a retro gypsy feel, yet it is still very chic and contemporary. There are many different ways you can use this excellent product from HomeFairy. And of course, nothing says "Namaste" like this hindu flavored artistic design.

Onena Carpente