Bottle Blender : Nutra Edge

I bought this black bottle blender. I use these bottles every day not only to prepare my protein shakes but also to make my coffee, chocolate and tea. I just put the powder and the liquid and shake it. I highly recommend you to get the bottle with 20.5 oz because is very convenient. Even if you are drinking lemonade juice this shaker keep all the drink on point. The black color is basic plus is unisex. This bottle is made with good quality. 

With blender ball, perfect for NutraEdge premium powder and more.
Large size (20.5OZ) bottle perfect for adults and easy cleaning.
Shaker Bottle is made from Polypropylene carbonate (PPC) material with FDA certificate.
Leak proof protection: leak proof seals and secure flip-top lid for confident transport and Shake.
Non-slip part, Upgraded, Safe and eco friendly.

Onena Carpente

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