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Halloween is almost around the corner. Do you know who are you going to be this year? To have a good costume there is nothing better than contact lenses to complement it. Good contact lenses make the costume. Spooky Eyes has a variety of contact lenses scary just to see them. They are so cool that I want to buy all of them. I chose the Wizard Blue Contact Lenses (OC0021) Auu! These contacts make it easy to create a truly scary werewolf costume.

Lenses are sold in pairs. They last for 90 days once opened and you have to replace after this time period. They comes with full contact lens care instructions. You can buy various lenses if you are not sure what to wear, or if you want to change you costume with every party, because the duration unopened is up to 4 years. The pack contains 2 lenses. They are safe because they are FDA approved and they have ISO International Standards. You don´t need a prescription to wear colored contact lenses. They suitable made for all colours even dark eyes, bold results that show. The type of lenses is sterile soft color. Water content 42% and 58% polyhema. They guarantee full refund if you are not happy with them. 

Spooky Eyes color contacts is the only site which brings all the amazing ranges of: Zombie contacts lenses, Vampire contact lenses, crazy lenses, Witch Halloween Contact Lenses, devil contact lenses, white out lenses they cover up your natural eye color and give you all white eyes that look scary and shocking; blackout contact lenses they cover your natural eye color completely, giving your eyes a truly dramatic look. They stand out and look scary, perfect for creating a high impact outfit; and cat eye contact lenses, these lenses feature a classic vertical cat´s eye pupil and come in a great choice of colors.

Halloween contact lenses are a great way to make a simple costume more effective. You can find a great choice of contact lenses online. They have Halloween costume tutorials on their website with tips for you of what to wear, how to create your makeup and make real your costume with the lenses.
When you wear coloured contact lenses for the first time, it is important to know how long you can wear them for. Most coloured contact lenses are designed to be worn for up to 8 hours at a time. Prescription contact lenses can usually be worn for longer. Wear your coloured contacts only for the time when you actually need them. But what if the contact lens is stuck in your eye? This may happen if you wear your contact lenses for too long, due to the lens drying out. The lens can even become stuck under your top eyelid. The best way to remove a stuck contact lens is to rinse your eye with sterile contact lens solution. This will soften the lens and help it to move to the front of your eye. You can then remove it as normal. 

How to clean coloured contact lenses? 
You can use this method to clean your lenses before and after you wear them, or if you accidentally drop a contact lens.
1. Wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap. You should always wash your hands before handling contact lenses or touching your eyes.
2. Place the lens in the palm of one hand and add a few drops of contact lens solution. Add enough so that the lens is completely covered in solution.
3. Use a fingertip to gently rub the contact lens in the solution. Use a circular motion to rub the lens for up to one minute.
Inspect the contact lens. It should look clean, with no visible dirt on the lens. The lens should have a curved shape and the edges should look smooth. Check the lens for signs of damage – never wear a damaged contact lens. If you can see any visible dirt or particles, repeat the process using fresh contact lens solution.
4. Once the lens looks clean you can either wear it or store it. Store your contact lenses in a clean contact lens case filled with fresh contact lens solution.

You will need a contact lens case to store them in. You’ll need to buy a storage case. I recommend using a new contact lens case for each pair of lenses. Rinse it out with contact lens solution. 
I got all the information through their web page.

You can get the lenses here: 

Get fun
Scary and frightening!
Onena Carpente

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