Honey Dog

How cute is this light? I found this Honey Dog perfect for the bedroom. The light is rechargeable with USB. The inner battery work up to 15 hours, with 3 different level of light. The light never get hot so it is very safely. It comes with the baby honey dog and 4 postal cards. I had been using this lamp for a week and I didn't had to charge the lamp. The batteries last long time. The light is warm and it doesn't affect the sleep. Actually, I recommend you to let the light in the light level for a continuous night of sleep. The kids are going to love the design and they are not going to be scare for the dark room. It is a good option for an emergency like a part of the hurricane kit. If you love to camp and sleep in a tent this is a wonderful idea. The Honey Dog is very light weight. I like modern design so I picked the white color but you can choose other colors. I definitely recommend you to get this light. 
The material is silica gel, ABS+Silica gel/ The light is LED, 18650 rechargeable battery, made in China.

How to use
 Just plug your Night Light Honey dog to USB charger until the red sign become green. Press the bottom on the back of the mom and touch the palm to switch it on and dimmed the light.
The light never get hot so it is very safely. 
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A post shared by Onena Carpente 💕 (@onenac) on

You can get it here 
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