Book : Portrait Revolution

Portrait Revolution
Inspiration from around the world for creating art in multiple mediums and styles 
With 450 portraits from the artists of Julia KAy's portrait party 
The book come with 224 total pages
This book is very interesting if you enjoy the art. You can get a lot inspiration if you plan to draw a portrait or paint one.
The book is divide in these contents
Portraits by media
By style 
By theme 
Featured artists 
On making portraits
Featured subjects 

More information
Based on the popular international collaborative art project, Julia Kay's Portrait Party, this book features hundreds of portraits in multiple mediums and styles teamed with tips and insights on the artistic process.
The human face is one of the most important subjects for artists, no matter their chosen medium. Pulling from 50,000 works of portraiture created by the artists of the international online collaborative project Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, Portrait Revolution presents a new look at this topic—one that doesn’t limit itself to one medium, one style, one technique, or one artist. By presenting portraits in pencil, pen, charcoal, oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, mixed media, digital media, collage, and more, Julia Kay and co. demonstrate the limitless possibilities available to aspiring artists or even to professional artists who are looking to expand creatively.
Along with works in almost every conceivable medium, Portrait Revolution shines a spotlight on different portrait-making techniques and styles (featuring everything from realism to abstraction). With tips, insights, and recommendations from accomplished portrait artists from around the globe, this all-in-one inspiration resource provides everything you’ll need to kick-start your own portrait-making adventure.

Onena Carpente

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