Kites and Wooden Abacus by aGreatLife

Spring is here and I want to recommend you this outdoor games for the little ones of the home.

Diamond Kite

It's purposely designed to be stable and easy to launch in nearly every type of wind from a light breeze to a stiff blow. 
Kids build strength and coordination handling the kite, launching and recovering it, and learning how to handle it in different types of wind.
Kids feel the surge of pride in themselves when they get to launch the Huge Kite wingspan airborne.
The huge glider can be launched with less supervision or without the need of a helper making it ideal for beginners and novice flyers.
Made as light as possible, but strong enough to endure high winds so you will never have to worry about launching it on the beach or at the park.
This kit comes with very simple yet clear instructions - so you can launch it in seconds.
Made of waterproof fabric and durable rods to make sure that it will not be easily damaged by the effects of the sun or small drops of water.

You can get it here

Sweet Ice Cream Kite

This is the sweetest kite to fly! All their kites are made of good quality and colorful designs.

Easy to fly this two string kite is easy to fly even in low wind.
The heavy duty fabric and materials guarantees hours of fun flight! All you need is some outdoor space and a light breeze.
For Beginners and Experts Alike Whether you're just getting started with kiting or like to stunt with your colorful flyer, this unique, eye-catching design is sure to impress.

You can get it here

Wooden Abacus with free magnetic puzzle activity kit

It has a thick, durable and well-sanded wooden frame which makes it very sturdy and stable. It comes with vibrantly colorful and smooth beads which slide freely back and forward on the wooden poles. There are 5 rows of 10 beads in 5 rainbow colors.
An educational tool which makes it so much easier for teachers and adults to teach the kids Math skills like counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. It is also a great toy to help kids learn about colors, have good eye and hand coordination, and develop fine motor skills.
Its size is perfect for young children. Not too small nor too large for kids, encouraging them to grasp and slide the beads freely and smoothly back and forth on the wooden poles. It is also a great choice if you are looking for a portable toy which can help your kids have fun as they learn. Ideal for ages 3+.
Non toxic. This abacus has a very durable wood construction and has a child-safe paint finish, making it something that your child will love for years to come.

Let your child learn and enjoy Mathematics!
If you start teaching them at an early age, your kids will find Mathematics as fun and easy to learn. One of the best educational tools that you can use is the classic wooden abacus, which has been made better by using colorful wooden beads so kids can also learn about colors and recognize patterns. Great for teaching the concept of numbers and basic Math skills like adding and subtracting in the most exciting way.

It’s the perfect addition to your family!
Everyone in the family can use this counting tool. It can help Dad in his business and Mom in calculating the budget. The whole family can spend hours of fun with games and activities offering kids a visual and tactile reinforcement of arithmetic facts. Your toddlers will definitely want to use this toy over and over again.
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Onena Carpente
Stay Fun! 

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