CLICK Coffee Protein | Meal Replacement | Double-Shot Espresso | Caramel Flavor

Hi! I tried a lot of protein shakes and I have to say that this brand is one of my favorites. Sometimes you get tired of flavors and some proteins are like a sweet drink. But I'm in love with the taste of real coffee with caramel. You can replace the coffee of the morning or evening with no regrets. The taste is delicious 100%. I tried the mix with water but is not my favorite. What I do? I just pour 8 ounces of almond milk and 1 scoop of click and shake for 30 seconds until blended. It is perfect before workout because the coffee give you the extra energy to archive your goals. 
Natural caramel flavor combined with gourmet espresso coffee 
This protein mix is super creamy and delicious! I'd like to drink more per day but I control my self. You can prepare it hot, cold or blended. The protein comes in 15.31 oz - 434g. I got the blender bottle free with a promotion of caramel coffee protein. How amazing is that combo! Now is on sale with the mocha coffee.
They have several flavors to pick from in their web page. I got two samples of mocha and vanilla latte. The amount per serving is 120 calories with water. Don't forget to count the calories of the milk or almond milk. It has 6g of sugars, cholesterol less than 5mg, sodium 100 mg, potassium 210 mg, total carbohydrate 11g, protein 16 g. Plus 23 Vitamins and minerals. Gluten free. No artificial colors or flavors.  They are made in USA, CA. 
You can get it here
The value of a coffee-house drink, protein shake & vitamin tablet, all-in-one
One-of-a kind, low-cal, coffee protein combination to curb appetite and boost energy
One of the few protein drinks designed to be made hot as well as iced or blended
Perfect as breakfast, meal replacement, mid-day snack or pre or post workout
150 mg of Double-shot, premium-grade espresso coffee, not coffee flavor, synthetic, or watered down caffeine
Only 110 calories 16 grams of Protein with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, naturally flavored, colored, gluten free

Stay Healthy!

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