Eco-friendly LED Desk lamp

I got this Eco-friendly LED Desk lamp by Twotwowin. It is the most beautiful lamp that I found online for my desk. You can use it like a night lamp desk in your bedroom. It is very light weight and you can use it everywhere because is portable. You can read outdoors in the garden and write in any place you like it. The light is safe for the eyes and you can decide which kind of illumination you need. It has three luminance modes controlled by touch panel. The lamp is very flexible, you can turn and fold in any direction. The design is modern and minimalist.

It provides 3 levels of brightness, touch control, and does not contain any mercury or emit harmful UV radiation. When fully charged, the lamp will last 5 hours consecutively on the dimmest setting, 4 hours on brightest. It provides a Color Rendering Index light of 90+ (CRI) for a natural, sunlight type light for a healthy and enjoyable use.

The box come with:
1 twotwowin LED mini rechargeable lamp
2 high quality micro USB (3ft)premium cables

 Guide Tips 1. Please charge the lamp over 5 hours before initial use for best span life. It takes 12 hours to reach a full charge.
2. If this lamp is not used for a long time, please charge it at least once in two months (over 8 hours) to protect the battery from aging.

Power Usage Alerts
1. The batteries are discharged when lamp is dimming. Please stop using the lamp, and recharge it in time, lest it damage the performance of batteries and reduce its lifetime.
2. This lamp is small and max output 1.5W.

You can get it here
Onena Carpente
Be eco friendly!

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