Beauty Sponge Blender

Hi I want to share with you my first impression using the Premium Silicone Makeup Blender. I really like it for a natural coverage. It save a lot product because it didn't absorb the foundation. Everything go to the face. I like to apply the foundation but no the concealer. The Beauty Sponge Blender is wonderful to use everyday. You can apply foundation, concealer, blush and highlighter with the pink sponge. Both presentations are great to apply powder, cream or liquid beauty products.

Beauty Sponge Blender
Non-Latex, Not fade, Non-Allergenic and Odor Free the beauty sponge blender biggest advantage, smooth and soft, skin-friendly and no losses particle, individual package. High-density,smooth and soft touch made it absorb water faster and more easily.I t can expand and will return to normal after drying naturally. But after the first wash and dry, it will be a little bigger and softer than first received, more suitable for all kinds of cosmetics.

Use the bigger end to bump and blend on the larger areas of the face, such as the forehead, cheeks, hairline and neck. Use the pointed tip for precise application on the sides of the nose and the inner corner of the eyes.

Clear Silicone Makeup Blender
The makeup blender is made in compound from high-tech medical silicone, soft, non-toxic, comply with international safety certification, and without any side effects.The blender is good memory function,you can freely knead, not transformed and broken easily. The medical silicone is covered by a thin TPU covering that protects the silicone and makes the product easy to use and clean. NOTE:Please don't tear off the protective film on the surface of the silicone makeup.

How to Clean Beauty Sponge Blender?
Step 1:Add beauty blender or other cleanser
Step 2:Gently press,Pay attention not to hurt it with nails
Step 3:Rinse with clean water
Step 4:Dry with in air,Don't shine in the sun(According to how much water absorption,dry time about 5-6 hours)

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Onena Carpente