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Travel zen
I like my new travel zen meditation pillows. They look like a tangerine. If you love yoga and meditation this travel zen is perfect for you. Actually I prefer this design to others because is ready to go! It gives an extra back support.
I like to meditate outside in my garden and inside my home. I created a colorful space with these pillows in my terrace.
They are very comfortable and you can use them like a pillow when you travel. It is lightweight and come with a bag.

Groovy Grow Bags
I love these garden planter because they give a lot of color to my home. It comes with 3 pack of bags. You can plant directly in the planter or place your flowers, vegetables or herbs.
You can place them outdoor or indoor. If you want to use it in side your home you must to place a tray under the planter to catch any water that leaks through the draining holes at the bottom of the planter.

These colorful little garden pots are perfect for any area in your home, office or apartment
Check how beautiful my tree and my flowers look with the garden pots. I like to keep them together to get a lot color in my space. You can match the colors with the flowers of mix a lot variety for fun.

They are made of good quality. Their canvas is lightweight and strong. To clean them you can use a wet cloth or put them in the washing machine

You can get them here http://invigoratedliving.com/product/groovy-grow-bags/

Vertical garden
I already hang my vertical garden in my living room. I place for the moment my orchids because they love the heights. But I plan to put beautiful flowers and special plant to improve hair quality in my home. They have a free guide in their web page with all the flowers and plants that are perfect for vertical gardens. I like modern design so I really like the idea to have a wall full of plants instead of a painting in this area. You can place it anywhere in your home.

I highly recommend you to get it if you leave in an apartment to get a natural environment in your space. If you don't have a garden this is a fantastic idea to relax your mind and improve your health. You can find a lot of designs with flowers online to inspire your own creation. I'm going to pick green, pink, purple and yellow to combine my style.

The vertical garden planter comes with 8 pockets. It is easy to use and hang in tour wall. the back is waterproof so is not going to damage your wall. They use Eco - friendly and recycled materials. They are made with a strong and soft felt.
You can buy several vertical garden planters and cover a entire wall in your home.

It helps clean up your air and removes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and pollutants.

Excellent irrigation and water retention as the felt pockets are the perfect tool to absorb and slow-release water where it is needed the most. It is perfect for the orchids because they don't like wet roots.
All you need is a couple of hooks and a power drill, then simply hang and fill your plants in the pockets.
Great to dry or humid climates
How to use
Simply take your plant out of its pot, gently loosen the roots and place in pocket. Fill loosely with some additional high quality planting soil and fertilizer.

You can get it here http://invigoratedliving.com/product/8-pocket-hanging-vertical-garden-planter/

For more information yo can go to their web page http://invigoratedliving.com/

Onena Carpente
Go green!

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