Hammock Bliss Sleep Sack

This Sleep Sack is perfect to carry everywhere because is very lightweight. It only has 11oz/310g. It fit all sizes: 80'' x 38'' 203 cm x 97 cm. It is very soft and you can use it like a pillow while you are traveling. The design is perfect because their own pillow is the bag for the sleeping bag. I just add a sweater in the bag to create a comfortable pillow. The material is light but it keeps me warm.
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It has many uses. You can use it outdoors for camping. Indoors in any hotel or bed that you don't want to go inside. The size is perfect for the emergency kit. If you and your family need to go to the shelter in a hurricane season this sack is wonderful.
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If you have sensitive skin and you are allergic to the harsh chemicals often used to launder sheets this is a great solution. You don't have to make the bed in the morning. In just 5 seconds you are ready to go. The sleep sack is both machine washable and dryable.
Perfect For Travelers Staying In Hotels Or Hostels
Great As A Sleeping Bag Liner When Camping
Protects Your Skin From Questionable Bedding &
From Harsh Chemicals
The travel bag is attached to the sleep sack so it is impossible to lose
Clean While Adding Extra Warmth & Comfort
Attached Travel Bag Doubles As A Pillowcase
Use As A Travel Pillow On Planes Or Trains
Quality Material - Soft, Comfortable & Durable
The More You Wash It The Softer It Gets

You can get it here
Onena Carpente
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