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I'm very excited because I found the most adorable collar for my dog. The collar is made with a very delicate design with flowers. The cord is black and it leave highlight the pink color. They have several colors and models to pick in the page that you are going to get them all. They fit perfectly and they are real size. They come with pink crystals to place the plate. I got the leash in large size because I like that she goes far away in the walks, but they also have more sizes.

Coco Pink Dog Collar
The Coco dog collar is available in 2 sizes:
Teacup: 5/8 pulg. X 6-10 pulg.
XS / S Collar: 5/8 in. X 10-16 pulg.
You can get it here Https://diva-dog.com/coco-pink-dog-collar/

Diva-Dog adjustable dog collars are made of soft and comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon, which is stitched at stress points for added strength.

Coco Pink Dog Leash

The Coco dog leash is available in 2 sizes:
Teacup: 5/8 pulg. X 4 ft.
XS / S: 5/8 in. X 5 ft.

I'm very happy because I want to have something special for my princess in Valentine's day. We are going to the beach and I  want to match with her with flowers. She looks so adorable. I'm going to find a pink heart to add it in the neck. I absolutely recommend you this brand because their products are made with high quality. You can see every detail in the photos.

The dazzling necklace collection is reminiscent of the classic boucle suit with a touch of bling. They use a imported French ribbon, a Swarovski encrusted d-ring and a removable black flower. The 4 ft. Leash has a detachable faux leather flower.
All-metal buckles: The whisper-weight aluminum buckles weigh less than an ounce
For more information you can check their web page here https://diva-dog.com/

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