Cactus Juicer!

Happy weekend everyone! I got this wonderful Cactus Juicer by Donkey. This is a brilliant design for the kitchen. It decorate the space and makes your mornings happier. It comes with a mug of porcelain and two citrus squeezers: one for the oranges and the other for the lemons. I like to drink my coffee in the mornings and green tea in the evening.

I started to drink hot lemonade in the mornings before the breakfast to detox the body. And nothing better that fresh lemon. If you don't drink coffee the fresh squeezed orange juice is going to give you all the energy you need.

I prefer the orange juice with my snack in the evening. I also love to drink black tea with lemon. So this is the perfect mug for me and I want to share with you guys this wonder.

You can prepare different drinks with it and use the mug. I enjoy to buy unique things with design for my home.

I received with the cactus juicer a beautiful candle with flowers check how cute it is. I'm very happy with this store.
Set includes
A porcelain mug and the juicer can be set right on top.
The top part is BPA free and made from a very durable plastic that is resistant to grease, food stains, and household detergents.

Onena Carpente
Stay Natural!

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