Book : Everything you need you have

This book by Gerad Kite "Everything you need you have" How to be at home in your self. He base all his knowledge in Chinese philosophy to help readers and patients to achieve the interior peace. He narrate the histories of his patients and show you the correct way to canalize the problems and leave them outside.

The book is divide in different chapters: The world of mind have 5 steps: the cult of I; Mind Games; Behavior; Relationships and be here now. The world of body with 2 steps: Natural law and love. The word of home 3 steps: A leap of faith; nothing maters and home. The book has a total of 204 pages. In the first pages he explain how to use and read a pendulum to check your level of stress and feelings. It is a very interesting book to read.
Onena Carpente
Just breath!

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