Review Radical Beauty : Book

Hi everyone I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This holiday season is great to read this wonderful book to start the next year with the right foot. Radical Beauty by Deepak Chopra and Kimberly Snyder "How to transform yourself from the inside out is full of good tips, tools and recipes to improve our life. They have a lot of beauty recipes and healthy diets to follow and give us the energy to change our body and glow. Sometimes the problems are based in what we eat and we didn't notice untill you read the book and try new things. 

I'm very happy and glad to had the opportunity to make the review. The content of the book is very complete: Internal Nourishment; External Nourishment; Peak Beauty Sleep; Primal Beauty; Beautiful Movement; Spiritual Beauty; and Radical Beauty Recipes.
I hope you enjoy this holiday, thanks for all the love and support. 
Onena Carpente

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