Tea time! Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Set

I got this Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Set of Chefast. I'm very happy with my set. It is made of good quality. It comes with: Pack of 3 Premium Stainless Steel Strainers & Steepers - 2x Single Cup Infusers, 1x Multi Cup Infuser, Scoop with Integrated Bag Clip.

It is very healthy to drink tea every day. I like to buy the detox and green tea with the leaves so this set is working wonderful for my cup of tea in the evening. It is pretty easy to use just and clean. Just press down and turn the top out. I like the spoon because it holds the perfect measure for a cup of tea and helps to maintain the bag of the tea close and secure. 


Use the multi-functional scoop with integrated bag clip to add just the right amount of tea to the infuser, twist, and let your tea come alive without worrying about unwanted debris falling into your cup
304 is the premier-grade stainless steel of the construction of the tea steeper set. Cleaning it is simply a matter of running cool water through the strainers. Or, you can simply throw everything in the dishwasher.
The unique tea strainer set comes in a stylish box that makes it a great choice for a wedding, housewarming or any other kind of gift.
One-year warranty

Onena Carpente
Enjoy the tea!

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