Patriotic American Flag

I always wanted to have an American flag in my garden. This one is perfect because of the size:  Metal Stand 32” x 15”, American Flag 12” x 18”. The flag is removable you can place another one or washed with no problem.

It comes with the instructions but is very easy to install. It comes with an anti wind clip  and a rubber stopper to protect the flag. The American flag is double sided.  It is made of a 150D Polyester materia and both sides show the iconic red, white, and blue; it also can be easily removed and replaced with similar sized flags; hand washable and air dry

All the materials are weatherproof. The stand & flag will withstand strong winds, rains, bright sun, and inclement weather without rusting, fading, or tearing. You can get it here

Onena Carpente

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