How to Purifier the air in your home!

If you want to eliminate bad odors in your home this natural solution is the best option. This bag contains activated charcoal, it comes with 200g Bag by Opul. It is perfect to put in the closet, refrigerator, bathroom, shoes area, garage, pet deodorizer, etc. 


Clean air anywhere. The air we breathe may be free but it's no longer free from harmful bacteria that can make us sick. Before you reach for that gas mask and lug around a bulky oxygen tank, try the very handy Opul activated charcoal 200g bag and see for yourself how powerful this portable bag is in killing bacteria and purifying the air wherever you may go.

Fight nasty odors. When you get a whiff of any unpleasant smell, you tend to look for the source to eliminate the nasty odor. Our activated charcoal odor absorbed and odor eliminator does the job for you! All you need to do is leave the bag near the stinky area and voila! It will start absorbing excess air moisture and odor-causing bacteria to give you safer, cleaner, and fresher air to breathe!

Bacteria free fridge. Say goodbye to that unpleasant moldy smell each time you open your fridge! We offer you an odor neutralizer that is made from organic food-grade materials, so you can safely stuff it in your refrigerator and let it do its wonders in absorbing bacteria, preventing mold growth, eliminating odors, and keeping your food fresher. 

100% chemical free. You don't have to worry about exposing yourself, your family, and even your pets to harmful chemicals because the bamboo charcoal air purifier is made from 100% natural ingredients that make it a safe and effective room air cleaner.

Onena Carpente
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