Coffee time!

This PreciseBrew Coffee Dripper makes a wonderful coffee. The taste is very fresh and delicious. I found that is very nice to use at the beach, pool and picnic. If I want to prepare coffee just for me this is perfect. I want to share with you this reusable and eco friendly.

BREW WITH COMPLETE CONTROL - The beauty of the pour over method is that you can customize each cup of coffee by adjusting the grind level, temperature, and water ratio.
Both beginners and connoisseurs of the coffee world can appreciate this complete brewing set, which includes a handy step-by-step instructional guide.
The coffee dripper and universal stand are made from top-quality 18/8 stainless steel - plus, say goodbye to always buying (and always throwing out) those paper filters!
You can get it here

Onena Carpente

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