More than 150 delectable Allergen Free Recipes

I had to get this book because it has more than More than 150 delectable Allergen Free Recipes without gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, cane or sugar. It is very complete and it has a lot healthy recipes that you can prepare very easy even you are not allergic. I think that it is a must to have because we never know. Sometimes we have the solution in our hands. Many people is allergic and they didn't know. I recommend you to open all the ways to be healthy. The recipes are delicious and full of taste. The cook book also comes with desserts, one of my favorites are: carrot cake, chocolate fudge brownies, smoothies and waffles. For the main plate my fav are: sweet corn and yellow tomato soup, cripsy salmon corn cakes, veggie rolls and quinoa with oven dried tomatoes. The book has 351 pages. The photos are beautiful and the cover is hard. I highly recommend you to check it!
Onena Carpente
Bon appetit!

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