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 Hello everyone! I want to share with you this new Asiatic beauty brand that I'm trying. I was very curious to try new things because the Asiatic women have a beautiful skin. This first cream is Micrite 3D all use anti-spot Serum. It help to reduce dark spots, age spots, acne spots and uneven skintone. It smells like citrus very refreshing. It absorbs very quickly into the skin. I just have a couple of weeks using these products day and night and I can see the results in my face.

When you open the cream you must to remove the red circle and close. This serum inhibit forming melanin. It comes in 15g - 0.53 oz.
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The other product is a Micrite 3D all use skin serum. This has an intense hydratation and repair formula. It helps to revitalize and improve the texture, clarity and overall appearance of skin. Also it helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the dullness of skin and bring back the radiance. I really like to apply this serum every day. I fell my skin soft and very moisturizer. I highly recommend you to try this products. 

Onena Carpente
Glow every day!
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