A Super Upsetting Cook Book about Sandwiches

This is a very simple but nice cook book to have. I really like the sandwiches. It is very complete you have beef, chicken, sausages, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, muchim, fried things with gooey sauces,seafood, vegetable purees, meatloaf and veggie burgers. 

The recipes of the sauces is amazing. I think that you can prepare a basic sandwich but if you have a good sauce it could be different every time. The photos are good and the book comes with hard cover. It has a total of 191 pages. I highly recommend you to get it.

One of my favorite sandwiches are: 
veggie burger with avocado blue cheese and roasted onions; famous rap battles of history; positive mental attitude; patty melt, the battle of Shanghai: broccoli, egg and cheese; bacon von braunhut and the frito kid.

Onena Carpente
Be kind!

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