Review : Living with intent by Mallika Chopra

With this book you are going to find the keys of how to organize your intent to archive your goals in life. She explain in the book how to meditate and and find the interior peace that we need. At least we have to meditate between 5 to 20 minutes per day. It is a difficult technique but it works with the time. We have to believe in our dreams and also in our prayers to make them happen. The basic of star the meditation is ask to yourself these questions : who am I?, what do I want? and how can I serve?

The purpose is is trying to live happy and be thankful with our lives and with others every day. She explain how to create your own balance wheel and work on it everyday. It is a great book to read. I hope that you like my recommendation. Never stop believing in your dreams...

Have a nice day!
Onena Carpente

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