Gel Pens

Hi everyone I want to recommend you these 48 gel pens. They box come with several colors: 12 glitter, 10 metallic, 6 neon, 6 rainbow, 9 pastel and 5 standard. They are acid free-non toxic. They come with a separate case for 12. They are water resistant.

CLASSIC - red, green, black, & blue.
PASTEL - peach, light orange, white, blue, pink, yellow, orange, & violet.
GLITTER- black, blue, red, green, violet, turquoise, yellow, orange, pink, brown, gold, & silver.
METALLIC - gold, silver, violet, pansy, red, orange, sea green, & blue.
NEON - yellow, blue, green, orange, violet, pink, red, & light orange.

The colors are very bright and durable. They are perfect to put a lot of color in our agendas, to get motivation to study and coloring in adult coloring books. The mandalas look beautiful with the glitter pens they shine a lot.

Onena Carpente

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