Cold beverages

The summer is here and we need something to refresh. I found these silicone ice cubes. The ice looks pretty in the glasses and they are pretty big. Perfect for maintain the drinks cold. The color are bright and the silicon is easy to clean. 


Each tray contains 15- 1.25 square inch ice cubes. Because of the perfect size of the template, the formed ice cubes are large enough so they melt slowly, and cool your drink fast. The size of the cubes fit every type of glass. Enjoy every cold drink with minimal dilution.

The ice cube trays are made from rigid but flexible silicone, so they keep their shape while handled, and allow - by simple push of the finger - easy separation of each cube directly into the glass without the need to touch the cube itself.
Odor free and without any aftertaste. BPA free and FDA approved.
 Set of 2 trays, each measuring 7.3 x 4.5 x 1.4 in. Ships from USA

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