America's Best Breakfasts

I always was curious about what the people eat in the breakfast. I'm pretty simple in the mornings. I like to drink coffee and eat fruits, a protein or fiber cookies. I also like to eat scramble eggs with bread if a have time to do it.

I'm really happy with this book America's Best Breakfasts because it has a lot of recipes very delicious. I'm surprise that some people can eat a hamburger or even meat in the mornings. Definitely, they are some breakfast in this book too heavy for me, but I like to have the recipes to eat that plates in the evening. One of my favorite recipes in this book are: the donuts, pancakes and waffles.

I absolutely recommend you to get this book. It has all the breakfasts of United States divided for states, pretty amazing. I must have in the kitchen. The photos have good quality and when you see the food you want to eat it. The book has 240 pages in total. I hope that now you enjoy better your mornings.

Onena Carpente
Have a shiny day!

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