Travel Packing Cubes - 3 pc Set

I have my closet very organized. I have these packing cubes in several colors and sizes. This set is great because of the sizes. The blue color is bright. They are perfect for travel and keep organize everything in the baggage. They are made of high quality.


KEEPING LUGGAGE INSIDE TIDY AND CLEAN. Suitable for all kinds of luggage, backpack. It is a great gift for frequent flyer, casual traveler, camper, hiker or backpacker. STRUCTURAL

DESIGN OF HUMAN NATURE. Our packing cubes are designed with a open mesh design which makes it easy to locate items and ventilation. Double zipper pulls make opening/closing simple and fast. Equipped with a handle for easy use.

CATEGORY FINISHING PACKING AND SAVE TIME. 3 Piece Mix Set: Large: 17.5'' x 12.75'' x 3.25'', Medium: 13.75'' x 9.75'' x 3'', Small: 11'' x 6.75 ''x 3''. It's very convenient and much easier to pack anything from clothes to souvenirs. So you can pack and unpack your stuff more organized than ever and faster, knowing exactly where to find your stuff, and keeping your clothing free of wrinkles, your suitcases neat, and all of your toiletries and accessories within easy reach.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. Made of high quality water resistant nylon material, to withstand the wear and tear of traveling. Durable material, durable zipper, lightweight, odorless fabric, no chemical fumes used.


Onena Carpente
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