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How fancy does a banquet have to be?

When planning for your wedding banquet, there are ways to keep it somewhat simple. It is your wedding, there are no rules to how fancy it must be. There are certain traditions that can be thrown out to keep this wedding simpler, but it does not take away from the wonderful memories. Pressures of wedding preparation are eased, making planning much easier than it could have been.

Freshly Picked Floral Arrangements
There are ways to stay with the current wedding trends while also not being too fancy. This can easily be done without going to extremes. Perhaps some candles, floral arrangements, and that’s all. These floral arrangements should be freshly picked to follow current wedding trends and keeping it simple. When it comes to table linens and possibly wall treatment, metallics are back in style.

Smaller Guest List

Guest list should remain small when not having a fancy wedding, the more people invited, the fancier it gets. There are many elegant banquet halls in Glendale, CA, able to accommodate the amount of guests you have on your list. If your wedding venue is for an outdoor wedding, it makes sense to keep your banquet outdoors as well. Either way, your banquet will be simple.

Catered Wedding Banquet

One of the best ways of keeping a wedding banquet simple is by having it catered. Banquet halls in Glendale, CA are perfect for this catered event. There are several different styles of catering available, such as plate style, buffet, and family style. These styles differ in types of food, settings, and costs. Depending on which type you choose, the amount of wait staff needed is different as well.

No matter what type of wedding banquet you decide on, remember this day is about you and your new spouse. When choosing which wedding trends you may want to follow, always add your own personal touch to make it yours.

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