Review : Lucky Peach : 101 Easy Asian Recipes

I'm so happy that I got this cooking book. I like the Asian food and I always want to prepare my own Chinese rice in home. This book has a lot of delicious receipts pretty easy to make. The photos are beautiful and full of color. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.  I hope that you can enjoy all the plates like me. The book has 272 pages.

PETER MEEHAN has written for the New York Times, Saveur, and Travel + Leisure and has collaborated on several books.
Beholden to bold flavors and not strict authenticity, the editors of Lucky Peach present a compendium of recipes that hit the sweet spot between craveworthy and stupid simple and are destined to become favorites.

Your friends and lovers will marvel as you show off your culinary worldliness, whipping up meals with fish-sauce-splattered panache and all the soy-soaked, ginger-scalliony goodness you could ever want—all for dinner tonight.

Onena Carpente

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