Review : Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees

I like Chinese food and I always want to learn how to prepare it. This cooking book has a lot of healthy recipes pretty easy to made. The photos are gorgeous and make you inspire to cook. The book is full of vegetables, fish and low calories meals.
 I highly recommend you to buy this book. It is a must have in the kitchen. The book is big and it has 368 pages. The author Kian Lam Kho explains with details how to prepare everything and the steps have photos.  
This book is on the top of my gifts for Christmas. I enjoy every page. My favorites recipes are: garlic stir fried greens, stir fried shrimp, shrimp and asparagus fried rice, stir fried beef and sweet and sour pork. All the plates are very delicious.
Onena Carpente
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