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I received my metal prints of AdoramaPix and now I want to print all my photos. The quality is absolutely stunning. The colors are bright and the metal has a beautiful shine that make the photo looks amazing. I highly recommend you to print your photos with this company.

The decoration in the home is going to look elegant and very chic. I select two photos of my favorite flowers. I like pink and purple so I decide to go in that tones.

You can appreciate in the photos the sizes of my metal prints
GLOSSY 8X12metal

GLOSSY 12X18metal
You can start your own project here Metal Print . It is pretty easy first you have to choose the product: Metal Print. Then the metal finishes, I select glossy white* and the shape is rectangle. And the last step is add your image.

*Glossy White
Features a highly reflective glass-like finish with rich saturated colors and superior contrast. This finish gives your photos incredible depth of detail. The mirror like surface and high contrast makes your image look like it was printed onto the back of a sheet of glass.

I select this style to give relief and depth to the picture on the wall. You also can place the photos on the table.

The metal is thin.

If you like metallic photo paper you'll love Metal Prints from AdoramaPix! Adorama infuse your images right into the surface of a solid sheet of metal for a look that you'll need to see firsthand to truly appreciate. The result of our process is a rich iridescent sheen, bright vivid colors, and a life-line depth of detail that can't be matched by conventional paper prints.

Because your image is infused right into the metal, and not painted on the surface the metal prints are extremely durable. Not only is the image waterproof, weatherproof, and scratch resistant but it can even be cleaned with glass cleaner.

Onena Carpente
Happy Holidays!
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