The best makeup remover for Halloween!

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This is is the original Makeup Eraser. I know that tonight you are going to have troubles removing the Halloween makeup. But don't worry even if you arrive tired with this towel the makeup is gone in a few minutes. The towel only needs water, no chemicals in our skin anymore. I love this product because it really works.
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You just have to wet the cloth and that is it, with just warm water all the makeup is off. It is made of 100% Polyester. The cloth it is extremely soft. I like in pink. It has two sides. The front is actually the makeup remover, and the reverse is for exfoliation, the tag is in the reverse side.

Before to use
Wash Eraser prior to first erase

  • It is reusable
  • No stains remain
  • The MakeUp Eraser will last up to 1,000 washes and eliminates the need to buy disposable product to remove your makeup
  • The MakeUp Eraser removes 100% of your makeup with water only
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Care instructions:
•Machine wash cool delicate
•No chlorine bleach
•Tumble dry low
•No stains remain
•Soft and promotes healthy skin
•All naturak no chemicals

Stay beautiful
Happy Halloween! 
Onena Carpente
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