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I'm very excited to try this Pilates Studio of Empower. It is of high quality and I like the bright pink color. It is portable so you can train everywhere. To me it is easy to workout at home with this product. It is pretty simple to use and it comes with a manual and a DVD that includes a complete workout. The workout is for all fitness levels. The workout is developed by Gin Miller, an award winning fitness expert with over 20 years of teaching experience.

I think that pilates is the best exercise that we can do to get a natural toned body. From the very first time that you try it you can feel the results in your body. I feel the pain after the workout and I´m really happy!
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It is an excellent product to lose weight, burn calories and get a lot of positive energy for the rest of the day. Pilates is amazing to reduce the stress.
With this Pilates Studio you can work out all the body. It is good to sculpt legs, arms, buns, thighs and abs.
The Pilates Studio comes with:
  • 2 piece bar for easy storage and travel.I like it because it is very light, and it fits in my gym bag.
  • Soft foam pad for comfortable firm grip
  • Power cords with foot loops: provide the proper assistance for pilates style excercises
  • Workout DVD and guide: provides total body pilates excersises to get your long and lean. 60-minute workout DVD

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  • Designed for fast results
  • Burn calories
  • Lose weight
  • Lose inches
  • Look and feel better

With this Pilates Studio I can plan better my daily schedule. My package came with a towel that has a pocket with a zipper very convenient to keep the keys and cell phone while you workout. I love it and I highly recommend you to try this product.

How to use Pilates Studio

Stay beautiful and healthy!
Onena Carpente

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