Review : Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Mic

These headphones of xtreme are really good. I like the bright pink color and the sound is high and clear. They come with a Micro USB Cable. They are easy to use. You can answering calls with the mobile control. They work with smartphones and tablets. I like to use them in the gym, at home and to go outside anywhere. I highly recommend you to buy these headphones. They look amazing.
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  • Full Audio with Microphone and mobile control for answering calls. 40mm audio drivers for maximum sound Included Accessories-USB Charge Cable
  • Compatible with ALL bluetooth devices including smartphones and tablets.
  • Adjustable & Lightweight headband for maximum comfort. High energy chipset drivers within bluetooth headphones deliver powerful bass & clear treble
  • Wireless bluetooth headphone range up to 33ft
  • Pressure-relieving ear pads for long-wear comfort.

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"When you're on a noisy or windy city street and with the 40mm audio drivers for maximum sound,you'll appreciate the premium sound quality and well-designed features of Blu Audio on-ear Bluetooth headphones. You'll hear your favorite music with the balance and detail that it deserves, for a truly enjoyable listening experience.

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Exclusive technology with active EQ gives your music natural-sounding lows, even at high volumes, while phone conversations remain crystal-clear - even on a noisy subway. Featuring an uber-comfortable design and convenient Bluetooth functionality, these headphones are ready to travel."
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Onena Carpente
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