Money Belt and RFID Passport Holder

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If you travel very often or you like to go gym, camping or walking this money belt of Merinte is an amazing option to get free hands and don´t have to be worry about losing the important documents or money.
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I pick this belt because it has RFID passport holder and credit card scanning protection. It can be used inside or outside clothing. It is very light weight. For me is perfect and comfortable to wear.
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If you travel alone and you are worry to get sleep this is a good solution to maintain the passport and credit cards inside the clothes without being noticed. I highly recommend you to buy it it comes with several pockets. It fit all sizes.
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  • Anti theft RFID blocking protects electronic pickpocketing by would be thieves.
  • Automatic lock zipper and breathable mesh in the back panel for absolute comfort.
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Stay beautiful and relax!
Onena Carpente

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