How to protect your credit card?

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If your credit card already has the RFID Chip you must to have this case to protect your money. It´s save to use everyday and also if you have to travel. I pick two different designs with beautiful flowers.
Why do you need a protect case?
  • Anyone can Capture Your Information Using a $50 Digital Scanner Bought on Ebay
  • Thieves can Steal Data Right off your Card, while it's Tucked Safely in Your Wallet or Purse
It´s easy to use you just have to insert your RFID Chip enabled cards into the sleeves and you're instantly protected.
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  • Protects Magnetic Strip from Cell Phone De-Magnetization
  • Approved by the US Government fips 201 for Use as Electromagnetically Opaque Shields
  • Use sleeves as gift card holders for a Double Duty Present and Protection for Family and Friends
Stay beautiful and smart!
Onena Carpente

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