The diagram of dogs

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I'm a dog lover and I liked the idea to put next to my library this beautiful poster. It has all the dog races and they are divided per categories: Working dogs; terriers; herding dogs; toy dogs; hounds; sporting dogs and non-sporting dogs. All the dogs look so cute. I highly recommend you to buy it. The shipping was fast and it arrived in perfect conditions.
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The dogs look adorable and exactly the same that in real life. For me is amazing to have all their names and know the characteristics of each race. If you want to have a dog this diagram is a good idea to help you find the correct dog for you.
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I finded my diagrama of the dogs here. I hope that you like it. I want to buy a frame. If you are interested to get one this is it size 24" x 18"  
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The diagram comes protected with a nice plastic tube.
Onena Carpente
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