Review : Joy Williams : Venus

I want to share with you my first impression of the new album of Joy Williams "Venus". The album will be in stores on june 29th. I have to say that she has an extraordinary voice. She sings very clear and with passion in this new album. Like a singer, songwriter and pianist she knows how to reflect in every song what it is to be a woman. Since she had a baby she started to work very hard in this album. I really enjoy to hear the album while I'm writing. It is a good album to be calm and relax at home. She is a talented singer. She is certainly an example of hard work, dedication and perseverance. The album comes with 11 songs. My favorites are: Sweet Love of Mine; Not Good Enough; Welcome Home and You Loved Me. I highly recommend you to listen the album.

  1. Before I Sleep
  2. Sweet Love of Mine
  3. Woman (Oh Mama)
  4. One Day I Will
  5. Not Good Enough
  6. What a Good Woman Does
  7. Until the Levee
  8. You Loved Me
  9. The Dying Kind
  10. Till Forever
  11. Welcome Home
Joy Williams

You can get the album here:

* Official Joy Williams website: www.joywilliams.com
 * Twitter - @joywilliams


I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.

Onena Carpente
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