Book : Now and forever : Mary Connealy

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I wanted to read this book "Now and forever" because I read that is not necessary to read the first book and I don´t have it. The title caught my attention. I highly recommend you to read the book if you like romantic novels. It also have a little bit of humor, mystery and adventure. It is a perfect book for read in the weekend and have a relax moment. The history is around beautiful mountains. The genre is historical fiction. The author is Mary Connealy. The book has 328 pages and you can´t stop reading until the end. The book was published by Bethany House. 
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"Saddle up for romance and adventure with the Wilde sisters!

Shannon Wilde is the middle sister--and the one who loves animals. She's established her own homestead and is raising sheep for their wool. Things are going fine...until Shannon gets swept over a cliff by Matthew Tucker!

Tucker seizes every opportunity to get away from civilization, but one particular walk in the woods ends with him sprinting away from an angry grizzly and plunging into a raging river, accidentally taking Shannon Wilde with him. Their adventure in the wilderness results in the solitary mountain man finding himself hitched to a young woman with a passel of relatives, a homestead, and a flock of sheep to care for.

As Tucker and Shannon learn to live with each other, strange things begin to happen on Shannon's land. Someone clearly wants to drive her off, but whoever it is apparently didn't count on Tucker. Trying to scare Matthew Tucker just makes him mad--and trying to hurt the woman he's falling in love with sets off something even he never expected." 

Onena Carpente
"I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion"
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