Review : Unbreakable flexible silicone glasses

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I love the idea of having unbreakable glasses in my home. They are absolutely beautiful and practice to use. If you have a pool or an open area in your garden they are perfect to make a party. They look modern elegant at the same time.
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They are pretty easy to wash and they are dishwasher safe. Also if you have kids I think that this kind of material is great to prevent accidents. I like this company because their products are reusable and recyclable a positive point for the planet.
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I also like to drink, wine, water and orange juice in the mornings with these glasses. You can enjoy your drinks without stress. These group of creative moms know how to make a better way to live. I love to carry my glasses everywhere because they are flexible and light weight. I carry them to the beach, picnic weekends and in my travels. I hope that you find this option amazing for decor your home.

Stay beautiful and relax!
Onena Carpente

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