My new Touch Kitchen Scale

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If you love to cook and want to have beautiful accessories in your kitchen Smart Weigh is the brand to select. I like their products they are modern and pretty easy to use. I needed this touch kitchen scale with glass platform to weigh the ingredients. I highly recommend you to buy it if you need to follow a strict diet.
This kitchen scale is very precise. It comes with various measurement types: lb:oz, oz, ml and cups. It has a high precision sensor technology that assures all your weight readings with a backlit LCD. It is easy to clean, I remove the glass weighing platform to clean my scale.
It comes with 4 batteries. They recommend to clean the scale with a damp cloth and never use abrasive cleaners. Only store flat and do not stack. This scale has a capacity of 11 lb / 5kg. And also it includes a two-year manufacturer's warranty. I really like.
I hope that you can cook delicious plates!

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  • Precision sensor technology provides highly accurate and consistent readings. Weight readings are easily displayed on a large backlit LCD
  • Features a removable glass weighing platform. Simply unscrew the glass platform and conveniently remove for cleaning, protection and care
  • Weight is displayed in various units including lb, oz, oz, g, ml, and cups. Special liquid feature measures water and milk in cups or milliliters
  • Beautiful and modern design with reflective black tempered glass and removable weighing platform. Easily store this gorgeous scale anywhere
  • Designed with a vision of the highest quality imaginable, this scale represents our dedication to innovation and advancement
Onena Carpente
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