How to make ice cream at home

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I liked the idea to buy these Silicone Ice Makers to prepare healthy and delicious ice creams at home. It is pretty simple to do it you just have to pick you favorites fruits and add watter or lemonade to the mix. Also I like the ice creams of pure lemonade with a little bit of brown suggar. I prepare the juice and then I put it in the container and I leave them just a couple of hours in the frezzer.
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Another way to prepare ice creams is using sodas, they have more calories but they taste really good. This Silicone Ice Makeker comes with 8 pieces per set. They come in several beautiful and fun colors, very bright and pretty. The material is high quality and safe for the kids and the entire family because they are BPAs free and made with FDA/LFGB Grade silicone.
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The box come with this recipe I made it and I like it.
600 ml water
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How to make it
Throw all the ingredients in the blender add water to taste.
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When the perfect mixture is formed, por the mixture into the mold and let it freeze till they are hard as ice. If you don´t have a blender, you can also use regular juices or rather biological ones, or any lemonade will do.
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How to clean
Water and soap or diswasher
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Stay beautiful and healthy!
Onena Carpente
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