Review : Vinyl Disorder : Heart Wall Decal Kit

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I want to share with you this Heart Hearts Wall Decal Kit of Vinyl Disorder. If you need an inspiration to decor your home this company has a lot of designs that you can pick. These heart are adorable they look amazing in the bedroom, closet, makeup area or in the kids bedroom. They are easy to apply in the walls. They don´t damage the wall paint. You can use them in almost any superficie. They are removable.
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You can appreciate in the photo that the colors are really pigmented and also bright, I love them. These stickers are high quality. I highly recommend you to buy them for your home.
"They are a perfect alternative to painted murals that can be changed quickly and easily. These can be applied to just about any smooth surface from: painted walls, windows, cabinets, floors, mirrors, furniture, cars, trucks... even toilets"

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Onena Carpente
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