My new sweatbands

Hello everyone Happy New Year. I hope that all your dreams come true this 2015. I want to share with you my new sport bands. I love them so much and in Neon Pink are gorgeous. I can start exercing. This is one of my resolutions this year Woohoo. We can sweat and look beautiful and sexy. Suddora has a lot of colors to choose the bands. I got the sport headband and the sport wristbands. I have oily skin and this is a must to do exercises. The wristbands are perfect to walk, run, play sports, biking, dance or any favorite activity that you like to do. They are perfect because absorb all the sweat.They are 80% cotton, 12% spandex and 8% nylon.
Also you can use the sport headband to wash your face and apply a face mask to keep the hair away. I think that it is a great a idea to star the new year, you can buy same sport bands to your sisters and best friends to match. They are so cool. If you like to run they are very popular in the marathons. I´m so in love with them I hope that you like the idea to inspire you to make your goals this year. I like to wear just one coat of mascara and pink gloss to excercise. Thanks for all the love and support. Suddora has amazing things in their web page click here if you want to check them.
 Stay beautiful and fashion!
Onena Carpente

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