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Hello everyone I want to share with you this amazing ebook "Successful Blogging" by Amila Wickramarachchi. She is also a blogger. If you want to start blogging like me in the ebook you can find some important tips for a beginner, and advice to start your own blog. The ebook comes with Blog Planners which help you to organize your blog. She shares some examples to guide you. The ebook comes in pdf, it has 72 pages. Its price is $9.50 + tax. I hope you will be excited to open your own blog.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction (Page 3)
Chapter 2 Domain Names and Blogging Platforms (Page 7)
Chapter 3 Blogging and Creating Content (Page 14)
Chapter 4 Creating Interesting Content (Page 19)
Chapter 5 Traffic Generation (Page 23)
Chapter 6 SEO and Page Ranking (Page 28)
Chapter 7 Lower your Blog’s Bounce Rate (Page 31)
Chapter 8 Power of Social Media (Page 37)
Chapter 9 Monetize the Blog (Page 42)
Chapter 10 Helpful tips for bloggers (Page 62

The ebook comes with 60 days Money Back Guarantee. Please leave your comments below if you purchase the book. I hope that you like it. Have a nice day!
Onena Carpente
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