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This automatic curler InstaWave of Kiss is absolutely amazing! My hair is extremely straight and this is the only curler that worked in my hair. You can see the enormous change in my hair in all the photos in the video and how easy this curler works. The results are professional like you went to the salon. You can look beautiful and get a perfect hair every single day at home. I absolutely recommend you this curler. You'll be surprised like me when you use it. Good for use on all hair lengths and types.
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The steps are super easy, everyone can use this curler and get the same results. First you have to wash your hair. With your clean and dry hair untangled you can start the magic. I brushed my hair and separated it in small sections. The LED light will turn red when the appliance is on and is heating up. Red light will turn blue when curling appliance has reached optimal temperature. Please make sure to remove any objects from your facial area to avoid possible tangling of the objects on the curl dial (earrings, necklaces, etc.) 

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Slide switch to the LOW or HIGH temperature setting.

Low Setting: Looser curls or waves.

High Setting: Tighter curls or spirals

I swapped the direction of my curls. I made some right wise and others to the left for a natural look.
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Style of curls
When curling, the longer your hair is heated, the tighter the curl will be.
*Looser curls or waves: curl for 3-5 seconds on LOW setting.
*Medium curls: Curl for 4-8 seconds on LOW or HIGH setting.
*Tighter curls or spirals: 6-10 seconds on HIGH setting.
I have to use High Setting and wait more than 10 seconds because my hair is extremely straight. This curler is perfect, girls. You must have one, seriously. I just love it. My curls are so beautiful, and my hair look shiny and natural.
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1. Hold InstaWave vertically and place it parallel along a section of hair (approximately 1-2 inch section). Place the InstaWave on the top section of the hair to get a full set of curls.
2. Press the button to begin rotating the curl barrel. InstaWave will automatically begin catching and curling hair.
3. Continue pressing button until hair is fully around barre. Once hair is around barrel, release button and allow barrel to heat hair for 3-10 seconds depending on the style of curl and hair type.
4. Once hair is curled, guide InstaWave straight down to release beautiful curled hair. Do not pull diagonally.
*If InsraWave gets caught on hair, press the opposite direction button and pull product downwards. Hair will come undone.
5. To allow the curl to set, do not comb or brush hair until it cools.
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With this curling iron you do not have the risk of burning, because the curler does all the work for you. No need to touch your hair or move the curler near your face. This curler is pretty light weight. InstaWave has another amazing function: 90 minute auto shutoff, the iron turns off automatically. This is fabulous.

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  • InstaWave have diamond ceramic technology. This made your hair shiny.
  • Ceramic Ionic technology make you hair free of frizz and static electricity.
  • 420F Max Temperature. Professional grade temperature locks in curls.
  •  Plus Kiss InstaWave have 2 year limited warranty.

You can get the product here http://www.KISSInstaWave.com
Stay beautiful with perfect curls!
Onena Carpente
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