Review Clear Gel Secret Deodorant Outlast

I love this Clear gel Secret deodorant Outlast it helps me feel fresh all day. I appreciate not having white marks on my clothes.

If you love gel deodorants this one is the best because it really works. It is a good deodorant if you use 16% of antiperspirant. It is good for every day. Now in fall you can try it with all your black clothes. 

I´m more into cream dodorants but this is really good if you don´t want to have white marks. This is the deodorant that I use when I choose black clothes. This deodorant comes in: invisible solid, smooth solid and clear gel. My scent is completely clean and smell so good! They also have these scents: protecting powder and sport fresh scents.

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I like the new formula, transparent gel. It dries fast. No white marks. Now I can wear black clothes in fall without worrying. It smells good. Protects for 48 hours. I highly recommended to try this deodorant. I love it!

Hola chicas quiero recomendarles este nuevo desodorante en gel transparente de Secret. No deja marcas blancas en la ropa. Es perfecto para este otoño invierno ya que vamos a usar colores oscuros en la ropa. Es una buena elección si te gustan los desodorantes con anti transpirante al 16%. Es bueno para usarlo todos los días. Yo prefiero los desodorantes en crema pero ellos dejan mi ropa de color oscuro manchada, así que si voy a usar negro éste es el desodorante que uso. Se los recomiendo ampliamente huele divino. 

Stay beautiful!
Onena Carpente

I received the product as part of a promotion from the brand.

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