Review Ebook : Ending Stress By Jonathan Harris

I want to recommend you this book. Do you know that I love to write reviews for the products that really help to improve your life in a positive way. I picked this book because in this moment I have a lot stress in my life and I need something that helps me to control it. I´m not going to explain my stress because I don´t want to pass you my problems, I just want to help you a little bit with yours. If you have stress too, this book also is going to help you a lot. This book teaches how to meditate, and helps eliminating stress, anger, fear and worry by becoming more real. The author of the book is Jonathan Harris. The book has 143 pages.

“Jonathan Harrison was born in 1943. He teaches nondual meditation inspired by masters of the nondual wisdom traditions Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Zen, Mahayana, Advaita and Dao. He has degrees in physics and mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Jonathan studied nondual wisdom with Peter Fenner in France and the Dzogchen Rinpoche in India. He has knowledge of western and Buddhist psychology, and has developed a direct approach to the practice and teaching of nondual meditation. He currently teaches individuals and groups in Israel and worldwide in an easy-to-assimilate, direct form without sacrificing the depth of the underlying nondual understanding which continues to inspire him”.

I recommend to everyone to read this book even if you have no stress. It helps to find yourself. Thinking, philosophizing about things that happen every day and every second in our mind. Believe me only in our minds.

This book helps identify problems and understand that our thoughts are what generates our stress. Actually we think about things that we believe are in a certain way and they are not. It is only our opinion. Jonathan Harris helps differentiate reality from unreality, through meditation exercises after each chapter. If you've never meditated, the author explains step by step what to do to achieve it.
Meditation for me is to disconnect from all your thoughts and focus on the sounds you have in your surroundings. Not thinking in anything. Reaching this relaxation is not easy, is a process that is studied and practiced every day. Be consistent. There is nothing better than feeling good about yourself. Never let anyone take away your happiness, because what they tell you is only a reflection of themselves.

Actually there is nothing to worry about it, because what happens is what needs to happen. The book contains very deep things that make us disconnect from time. While you're reading the book you will not be able to think of absolutely nothing else. It's incredible. Once I started the book I couldn´t stop until I finished reading it. I love these readings that fill and inspire. I will be looking for more books related to this subject.

I once read that worry does not take away tomorrow´s troubles, takes away happiness of today. Questions you can ask yourself are: Will this matter within a year? Three years? In five years? If the answer is no, then it is not worth worrying about.

Stay beautiful and Have and amazing, relaxing and happy day!
Onena Carpente

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