Review PicStick photo magnets

 Hello everyone! I want to share with you this amazing idea of PicStick, you can print your photos in magnets and stick them to any metallic surface everywhere! I´m so happy with this product I really miss to print photos. In these times we take a lot of pictures and they finish in our albums, computer or social media but we almost don´t enjoy them because we don´t look at them and we forget them.

 PicStick photos are a fabulous gift for everyone. You just imagine that you can print the photos of a wedding, baby shower, birthdays, parties, travels, pets, friends and give them as a present. It´s a great idea for memories of Halloween or Christmas. Share your wishes and create a collage with all the pics.  Your fridge, bedroom or any room of your home and office are going to look so cool and modern. The pictures are high quality.
First I picked the 9 photos that I used. I selected my dog, family and special places that I have been. It is very easy to select your images from your computer, Facebook, phone or Dropbox and then they do the hard work and print them as glossy magnetic pictures. Once you´ve made your selection save the pictures to your cart and checkout. Each individual photo magnet is 50x65mm and 0.75mm thick. The company is so professional and you are going to get your photos very quickly. And the most important is they ship worldwide for FREE. Yes! For free. You only have to pay $14.99. They are made in England with love ♥ =) what more can we ask?
You can easily separate each sheet of 9 photo magnets by tearing along the perforated edges or bending and snapping them off.
Typical delivery times are:                                              
UK 1-2 days
EU 3-5 days
USA 5-10 days
Rest of the world 5-10 days

If you’re not entirely happy with your PicSticks or they are damaged/lost in transit then they’ll send you some more immediately - no fussing or quibbling
You can get your magnets here with this discount code ONENA25 :

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